Thank You Mister

Today, I realized, that I don’t know what is love. Or how to love.

I thought it was love, but it was not.

What I feel is urge to own, to control, to posses, to limit. Plus so many fear. Of loosing, of separated, of lonelyness, of etc. Oftenly, out of jealously. And greed. And egoistic lusts.

So I thank you Mr Zaman, for taking my beloved angel away. Thank you for ruining my heart. Thank you for destroying my fake love. Thank you for saving her from my stupidities. From the stupid illusions.

I wish you both blessed life, full with true love, and happiness. Forever.

I thank you from the deepest of my heart.

Thank You.

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One Response to “Thank You Mister”

  1. renggunux Says:

    Haha, it was april. reading my own post after few month… i realize that my wisdom was as worst as my grammar!! And now i still do, bwahaha.

    And no, i’m dont have any weird feeling in commenting at my own post.

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