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Attached To The Past

May 14, 2009

Some of us really attached to their parts. They keep thinking about how great they were in the past. Telling stories about past glories in every discussion, while in fact, they dont really know what kind of glory they are talking about.

Yes you guessed it right (if you are), that one was about religious junkies. Who struggling to bring our civilization backwards, so every male can easily collect four wives and politicians could expand our country in the name of God. And evil clerics could punish their enemy with sentences of

This kind of nostalgic disease also celebrated by academicians who keep saying about how great our culture in the past. Not as bad as the first example, they use their story to raise our self confidence, so we wont fall easily in evil trap of westernization or arabization or indianization or dicklez… Nah. Enough.

Satisfied with judging others, now let me going inside. Am i free from this “attached to the past”?

Sadly, i’m not.

I keep remembering Miss Ge’, who leave me for a better man. I let myself missing her hug, her warmth, her love. Stupidly, i let my mind lives in the past. So focussed to the past that i failed to enjoy the present time.

Now it is fair enough, i have judge everyone including myself 🙂

Lets celebrate this stupidity.

Be Very Careful with Your Minds

May 2, 2009

Keep the mind on the things you want and off the things you dont want. Remember the old proverb: Be very careful what you set your heart on, for you will surely achieve it. – Hill

Now, what will you set your minds on? Terror? Betrayal? Religious craps? Devilish politic?
Love? Peace? Harmony? Unity?

Painful Rejection

May 1, 2009

It was wednesday. Somehow, in my own room, a friend of mine, a girl, asked me to massage her body. And I’m too helpful to say no, hehe. So I massage her back, all the way from neck to her leg’s toes.

When i’m on her back, I complained that the string of her bra distrupting. She allowed me to remove it. When it arrived on her butt, I complained again that her panty disturb me. She also allowed me to pull it down, so I could touch.. err.. I mean massaged her butts. That made me become really hard. I’m done and finish to her leg. Then she ask to massage her hands.

That was where it really starts. When I massaged her upper arm, her hands, i believe she made it in purpose, touching my crotch. I smiled meaningfully and keep massaging until she comfortable. When it done, I’m already very very horny. I told her and I asked for her favor to release my tension.

You know what? She blatantly rejected me. I tried to explain that I only ask for a little hand job. She  refused, got dressed and go straight to my PC then busy with her Facebook. I beg her, and she insisted in saying NO.

I felt quite offended. But that is her rights to say no. It was me who stupid.

Had enough with her fackbook, she asked me to take her home.

Then, on a vibrating Yamaha bike, inside an uncomfortable bluejeans, my dick screaming in dissapointment for more than 10 km 🙂 What a nasty day.

So, if as a friend I could feel that painful rejection, how if she was my wife? How if I am a religious enough, and as a husband, who see her as a second class creature, who must obey all of my commands? A rejection must be unbearable for me. She must be thrown to hell for rejecting me, after cursed by so many hateful angels.

Now I understand why ancient religion makers have so much hatred for woman who rejects their husband’s sex request.

Fortunately I’m not religious enough. And I’m not stupid enough to rape her. Eventho, maybe, it is what she wanted.