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Missed a day

April 26, 2009

I did not write anything yesterday. Looks like i’m cursed with inconsistency.


Some part of my mind, the devilish one is ready to make an apology…

Inconsistency is life. The only consistent thing in life is inconsistency itself. Day, changed to night, then changed again to daylight. Loyalty, betrayal, love, hate, cry, laugh… nothing is permanent. Nothing consistent. Hehe. One more, discipline, indiscipline.

Anyway, I only missed one day. Should I cry because of it? Should i restart this 21 continuous blogging?

Nay, no, never. I dont want to.

Next, I plan to write a bit serious topic, from arabization to water crisis. I Hope it could be realized.

blogging using very slow connection

April 21, 2009

Right now, I am at Tulang Bawang. A region where Telkomsel Flash’s network not existed yet. So I am forced to use GPRS only connection.

The speed is insanely slow, you’ll need eons to open BCA, and you wont have enough lifetime to open Bank Mandiri‘s ultra heavy site.

To protect my sanity, i decided to stop after some failed transactions. Then before i unplug my cell phone, suddenly I remembered that I must write an update for this blog.

BUT, using this hellish connection, how could I fullfill my stupid ‘continuous 21 update’ ??

Fortunately, i remembered A mobile version of’s interface. It is light enough to be loaded easily.

So i write this offline using scribefire (a firefox addon), give it some links, copy the HTML source, then paste it on wordpress’s mobile post page. Kun fa ya kun! Haha. *i wish this will work, i wont be able to edit it until i get back to my normal connection*


Self Discipline

April 18, 2009

I almost forgot to make an article for today. Almost fail to fulfill my commitment to write in 21 days continuously. Β Hehe. But I am not. Not yet.

So, because now is 23:22, I will not write a long article. I will just share a free ebook on how to improve self discipline in ten days.

You could read it online, or download it for offline reading.

This is the link: Self Discipline in 10 days

I have not read it completely yet, so i cant give any review πŸ™‚

Go for quantity first

April 16, 2009

Please forgive me for the content of this blog. Honestly, i go after the quantity. Not quality. I’m commited to write one article each day. Even in my busiest day. But i have not enough time to check and recheck. I write this article at evening, set it as scheduled post to automatically published at 6 in the next morning. Then i go straight to bed. Feeling ‘done’. Like when you were a child, you do your prayer as ‘obligation’, every time you done, you feel that ‘done feeling’. Understand what i mean?

Why i go for quantity?

This writing skill is very new for me. Imagine the new “channel of creativity” is still clogged. I need to flush it again and again with ample of “water” to make it clean, until it big enough for the stream to flow. This crazy drill of writing is the ‘water’ which will flush any clog.

Maybe after few more days, after about 21 day *hehe* it will enough, and i will start to pay attention to the quality.


Did you believe what i wrote?

Well, actually you could believe anything you want. ANYTHING! Even if it only an apology of a lazy writer πŸ˜›

Thats it. I done my ritual for today. In no more than 20 minutes. Great.

Thank You. If you are reading this, i feel sorry for you, i wish you get some insight, on how silly a learning process could be.

Thank You (again).

Learning English, Write Everyday

April 14, 2009

This article will help you in learning new languages…

According to some theories, forcing ourself to write one article EVERY day, in a language foreign to us, have very good effect to our brain. Especially in some parts which processing language. New synaps will be created, so the new skill could be learned.

If we could discipline ourself to do this rituals CONTINUOUSLY for at least 21 day, then the brain will be fully transformed. Ready to be used by our creative soul to process and express any thoughts and mind in the new language learned.

That is one reason why blogging is good for learning new language.

How to do it?

Easy. Just create a blog in English, write a new article every day, torture your creativity, torture your language part of your brain, feel the shame because of your bad article, experience the laziness, watch all the apology created by your ego, who will begging to stop the learning process. Realize it all, and choose to continue, or to stop. You have to choose “i will continue” in each and everyday, until 21 day. Easy is’nt it?

“So, after 21 day, the whole strugle will be much easier?”

I don’t know. This is my 5th post, so i’m on my 5th day.

“What?? So this writing is not based on your experience?”

You are correct. The theory itself is my creation. I created it, i believe it, and i practice it. Now i’m on 5th day. Isn’t this amazing? I think this is kind a religious, hehe. I mean, believing on a faith. Faith without proof. Isn’t it very religious?

Now, would you try it? I promise you no hell nor heaven, all you have to do is write. And your writing skill will improve. Or not.

Appears Instantly, Moderated Later

April 13, 2009

You know, by default, wordpress will hold every comment and ask you to moderate it. It will appears only after you release it. WordPress then remembers the comment-author’s email, so next time he or she write another comment, it will appear without asking you for moderation.

Somehow, this is similar with my way of thinking, how i respond to ideas, or to other’s opinion.

When someone new tells me his/her opinion, i judge it while i listen. If i like it, he/she got some positive reputation, plus my trust. Better reputation means bigger chance for his/her next opinion to bypass any criticism and logic filter, thus get my acceptance.

I don’t like it. I want every layer of criticism applied for every opinion entering my brain. Whether it said by someone new or by old trusted friend who have great reputation.

“Err, Nux, how that related with wordpress comment system? Is that means that you want to moderate every comment?”

Hell no. I love free speech. I love to give everyone rights to say anything they want. Every comment will be published without delay from moderation. But still, Akismet which behavior i cant control, might catch any spammy words, IPs, or emails.

“But how about bad stuff? Really bad stuff that incite ill feel?”

Worry not, because i, gave myself the rights to delete anything i want πŸ™‚ So, after a while, the really bad comment (if there is any) will eventually get their place in the Akismet’s belly.

This is how to make yourself more vulnerable to freedom of speech:
Go to your dashboard > Setting > Discussion > Clear all the check boxes in the “Before a comment appears”.

Blogging is Scary

April 11, 2009
  1. You will expose your self to the world, along with your ignorance, sillyness, shallowness and stupidity πŸ™‚
  2. You open yourself to comments. Or critics. Some critics might hurts your ego.
  3. Add more fear by yourself.

That are some reasons to scare you. Every coward should never ever start blogging.


You could start blogging like me, in coward style, anonymously. This way, even if you write something stupid, it should not do any harm to your real life. Maybe.

7 step ritual I do to make a new post on

April 10, 2009
  1. Write what i want to write. Save it as draft oftenly to prevent unecessary mindo gaweni because of PLN or other devilish things.
  2. Read it. Try to understand what is it talking about.
  3. Check and recheck for grammatical errors. A post with many grammatical error will make you look so uneducated. It will be very shameful! The good news is, I dont understand much about grammar, so I love to skip this step. Shamelessly. But you could correct me if you like to share your knowledge.
  4. Based on the understanding from second step mentioned above, I give it a title, few tags and a category.
  5. Decide when to publish it, maybe instantly or set it to automaticaly publish in the future.
  6. Click the publish button
  7. Done

That are my publishing rituals.

How about you?