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Read ebook in PDF on primitive java enabled Cell Phone

September 15, 2009

Few days ago, a friend from Java recommend me a book, God Wants You Dead. I found it on scribd and instantly interested because of its cover. Then after some dizzyness because of it crazy first pages, i decided to read it all.

Unfortunately, it is a PDF, so i must read it on PC. I’m quite mobile, and i dont have any netbook. I want to read it as normal physical book, while lying on my bed, before a nap or sleeping at night. Buying it from amazon, is not yet an option. While electric book reader still too expensive.

So i tried to look a way to put it on my phone, with no avail. My phone is too primitive to handle a pdf. Then i found my savior at GamerGal converted the PDF so i can download it as jar and install it on my K618. Tonight, i will read the book from my phone.

I wonder how she convert it, maybe someday i’ll ask her, when i finish with this crazy book πŸ™‚ If you need to convert a PDF, you could try to find her at mobiles24, maybe she will help you. πŸ˜€

Trying to post from email

September 12, 2009

It’s been a while that i forget (again) that i have this blog. Thank god (or whatever) that i don’t have many reader. In fact, not even one. So i can neglect this blog anytime i want :))

Now that i have the time, i changed the theme to NeoEase. I love its black.

That is all. Wonder how little i could write from a messy mind.


Painful Rejection

May 1, 2009

It was wednesday. Somehow, in my own room, a friend of mine, a girl, asked me to massage her body. And I’m too helpful to say no, hehe. So I massage her back, all the way from neck to her leg’s toes.

When i’m on her back, I complained that the string of her bra distrupting. She allowed me to remove it. When it arrived on her butt, I complained again that her panty disturb me. She also allowed me to pull it down, so I could touch.. err.. I mean massaged her butts. That made me become really hard. I’m done and finish to her leg. Then she ask to massage her hands.

That was where it really starts. When I massaged her upper arm, her hands, i believe she made it in purpose, touching my crotch. I smiled meaningfully and keep massaging until she comfortable. When it done, I’m already very very horny. I told her and I asked for her favor to release my tension.

You know what? She blatantly rejected me. I tried to explain that I only ask for a little hand job. She Β refused, got dressed and go straight to my PC then busy with her Facebook. I beg her, and she insisted in saying NO.

I felt quite offended. But that is her rights to say no. It was me who stupid.

Had enough with her fackbook, she asked me to take her home.

Then, on a vibrating Yamaha bike, inside an uncomfortable bluejeans, my dick screaming in dissapointment for more than 10 km πŸ™‚ What a nasty day.

So, if as a friend I could feel that painful rejection, how if she was my wife? How if I am a religious enough, and as a husband, who see her as a second class creature, who must obey all of my commands? A rejection must be unbearable for me. She must be thrown to hell for rejecting me, after cursed by so many hateful angels.

Now I understand why ancient religion makers have so much hatred for woman who rejects their husband’s sex request.

Fortunately I’m not religious enough. And I’m not stupid enough to rape her. Eventho, maybe, it is what she wanted.

Small Room

April 27, 2009

I cant write what i’ve planned, yet. Because right now i’m locked myself in a very small room, 1.5x2m.

Lying on the down part of 2 story bed. Alone, unfortunately. I hope no kuntilanak will accompany me.

Bring only a cell phone, i can only write this as email, before copy paste it on to publish.

On the floor, beside of this bed, a drum lie on the floor. It is traditional drum, made from wood, and goat skin as it membrane. You can imagine how awful the smell.

Rainbow Hill, is the name of this place. Why I locked here is something that i can not write. So I stop here, publish this, and try to get some sleep πŸ™‚

Blank mind on board a Ferry

April 24, 2009

Onboard a ferry sailing toward Merak. I try to write another update.

I paid another 6000 IDR to the two cute girls who guarding the business class. I have to enter that freezing room to save my lungs from evil smokers who roaming in the economy class. Evil addicts who loves to poisoning their own body, and forcing everyone near to join the self destruction.

This room is a very clean one. The floor, the walls, the chairs… Hm, think it more like a sofa. Enough for three butts, I can lie down like a rolled cat, purring comfortably in an angel’s lap.

The extreme coldness in the air conditioned room make me feel melancholy. Suddenly I really miss her. Her hug. Her warmth. Her smile.

Then I feel sad. The same stupid sadness which already disturb me for so many times.

Try to sleep, failed. Playing games on my phone, bored. Then i remember that i must write for this blog.

But what should I write? My brain is almost blank, might be caused by too much vibrations from the rotten bus I rode for 5 hour before get into this ship.

Well, now I write it all. All the ‘blank’ as an update.

Darn, this blog is becoming too much like a diary.

To make it different, I need to add something so anyone read it got something useful.

This, i hope will useful you, something I said to myself recently when i feel very lonely, and chasing some girl as an escape: it is stupid, stop it πŸ˜›

Arrived at Merak seaport, welcome to Java. Only few more hour before my sane civilized life.

Compassionate Butcher

April 22, 2009

A homo asked Mr Butcher, “Why are you keep saying that?”

“What?” Mr Butcher feel disturbed. He continue to slaughters the next cow while his lips whispering something.

“That, the mantra you said in each killing. Why you saying it while killing the poor cows? What is that means? ”

“This is a must. My religion required me to do it in each killing. Because we only eat meat which killed in the name of God. It means: ‘in the name of God, the most compassionate’.”

The homo confused. “What kind of compassion which allowed killing peaceful animals? Are you worshipping a bloodthirsty God?”

“Shut up you blasphemer! Go away!” Mr Butcher got angry, he hate when someone else judging his God as bad.


I am sleepy. You have to continue the story by yourself.