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I play eRepublik

September 13, 2009

It is a free online mmorpg game, browser based, so you don’t need to install anything in your PC. Play it directly from your browser.

The game play is ultra slow paced. After registering, setting up the profile, i look for the company who gives the highest salary. Work to gain money and train to build strength. Oh, and go to market for some food so my character not starved to death.

This is the third day i play it. I’m still on level 4 now. They said after few advanced level i can build my own company and hire other player as a worker.

The economy and politic seems quite complicated. There are news about peace, treaty, war and even elections. It looks like they tried to copy the real world.

I wonder how the banking works. Can i borrow money to build a company? Is there any “Federal Reserve” who control the world? Do they incite war and conflicts to gain profit? And, since we can build weapon factory… ah. That’s why i join the game. If it real simulated politic, maybe we could learn something, maybe we could find some solution for the “real” world.

That is all what i can say for now.

What the press said about the game:

“eRepublik offers a real second life” –

“eRepublik creates multiplayer global strategy game” – The New York Times

“Love, loss and the world wide web” – BBC

If you interested to try it, please register via my referal >> Join eRepublik << or click at the widget on the right. If you like the game an play it after level 6, i will get some rewards, maybe it can help me to build my own eCompany 🙂

Thank You.

Hello World, 14 June

June 14, 2009

After few month, i remember that i have this blog. So this is a quick update, filled with some quick links I found while i was on a boat in my way here. Maybe it useful for you:, is a website specialized on mobile stuff. It has many good ring tones. I found it while i seach for “windows mix ring” which i heard on my way home. It has a mobile version too, so you could browse it from your cell phone. Oh, btw, there is a nice generator where you could create your own theme for your cell.

Mobiles24, maybe you already know. Maybe i mentioned about it. Recently i downloaded many adult game from there. Such as Kamasutra games and Ovulation Calendar. But don’t worry, it has a “family filter” enabled by default. So if you are too holy for sex or adult stuff, you won’t get disturbed.

That’s it for now. See you soon. I wish.

Protect Your Privacy

April 20, 2009

Just in case you dont know yet…

Using Firefox:

  1. press ctrl+shift+del
  2. check it all
  3. click ‘clear all my private data’

Using Opera:

  1. Go to ‘tools’ menu
  2. click ‘delete private data’
  3. click ‘detailed….’
  4. check em all
  5. delete

If you are on public PC or shared ones, you better do those rituals everytime you done with your browsing activity to clear your tracks. So it will be very difficult for the next user to know what you did and where you go.

There are more ‘track covering rituals’ for paranoid, you could ask google if you need some 🙂


April 19, 2009

A cute friend asked me about a site named wealthsource dot org.

Thank You for asking, so I have a topic to write for today, hehe. So this article is my answer for you…

After i did a some ‘research’, I could say that the site is scam. An evil trick to get your money.

This article on will explain it further.

For a safer internet life, if you using firefox or IE, i suggest you install an addon made by WOT.

It will keep you safe from online scams, identity theft, spyware, spam, viruses and unreliable shopping sites. WOT warns you before you interact with a risky website. It’s easy and it’s free.

I have installed it on my Firefox. It works quite good for english sites, but quite weak for indonesian scam sites. Please be very careful 🙂

Thank You