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Learning English, Write Everyday

April 14, 2009

This article will help you in learning new languages…

According to some theories, forcing ourself to write one article EVERY day, in a language foreign to us, have very good effect to our brain. Especially in some parts which processing language. New synaps will be created, so the new skill could be learned.

If we could discipline ourself to do this rituals CONTINUOUSLY for at least 21 day, then the brain will be fully transformed. Ready to be used by our creative soul to process and express any thoughts and mind in the new language learned.

That is one reason why blogging is good for learning new language.

How to do it?

Easy. Just create a blog in English, write a new article every day, torture your creativity, torture your language part of your brain, feel the shame because of your bad article, experience the laziness, watch all the apology created by your ego, who will begging to stop the learning process. Realize it all, and choose to continue, or to stop. You have to choose “i will continue” in each and everyday, until 21 day. Easy is’nt it?

“So, after 21 day, the whole strugle will be much easier?”

I don’t know. This is my 5th post, so i’m on my 5th day.

“What?? So this writing is not based on your experience?”

You are correct. The theory itself is my creation. I created it, i believe it, and i practice it. Now i’m on 5th day. Isn’t this amazing? I think this is kind a religious, hehe. I mean, believing on a faith. Faith without proof. Isn’t it very religious?

Now, would you try it? I promise you no hell nor heaven, all you have to do is write. And your writing skill will improve. Or not.