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eRepublik will be a better game if they have these:

September 15, 2009

eRepublik just  launched new features, that almost useless for newbie like me. Since as beginner, a poor one, i cant build my own eCompany. I have some request for eRepublik to become a much better simulation game.

  1. Better comment system. It’ll be good if we can vote at comments and or threaded discussion plus reputation like intensedebate or at least disqus. As a world politic simulation game that involving too many discussion, i belive they should have that kind of feature. Using what they have now, even in the forum, it really hurt to figuring out who answering who… and saying what 😛 *idiot*
  2. Search at comment, it is stupid to see the same topic posted again and again. We could ask google to find something for us, but is this a game for googling geeks?
  3. Dumping, real world corporation does such crime a lot, for example what China did to Indonesia. When i have enough gold and level to build my own eCompany, i want to see the possibilities to kill all the industries from a country, then use its citizen as a market for my product. No need to occupy (primitive physical war), the game should simulate economic war too.
  4. Borrowing money from bank and trapped in bottomless debt slavery. We could do it in real world, why cant we have the same enjoyment in erepublik?
  5. Stupid Laws. Our legislator in real word keep on creating idiotic laws to enslave their citizen minds. It’ll be good to have the same idiotic legislation system, filled by power hungry player who love to enslave their own citizen.
  6. Better war. What we have now in eRepublic is sending armies, relies on physical strength, occupiying land… i think that kind of war is way too primitive. Are we playing historical simulation?  It is time now for Cultural invasion, would be much better if we could involving religion and terrorism. In real world we could see how Arab invading Indonesia using culture and religion, killing all the indigenous cultures in the name of God, make the Indonesian citizen appears, thinks and acts like Arabian. I’d be very thankfull if we could simulate the same intrigues in eRepublik.
  7. Better mind manipulation. We in Indonesia use the trick in presiden election. Everyday, our “gods” using mainstream media (tv, newspapers) and ulemas (religious clergies) to manipulate and enslave our citizen minds. It should be good if the game could simulate such power.
  8. hmm… sex? hehe, i bet eRepublic would never ever reach that state of evolution 😀

I guess i requested to many. Ok, thats all for now.

Best Regards,