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Compassionate Butcher

April 22, 2009

A homo asked Mr Butcher, “Why are you keep saying that?”

“What?” Mr Butcher feel disturbed. He continue to slaughters the next cow while his lips whispering something.

“That, the mantra you said in each killing. Why you saying it while killing the poor cows? What is that means? ”

“This is a must. My religion required me to do it in each killing. Because we only eat meat which killed in the name of God. It means: ‘in the name of God, the most compassionate’.”

The homo confused. “What kind of compassion which allowed killing peaceful animals? Are you worshipping a bloodthirsty God?”

“Shut up you blasphemer! Go away!” Mr Butcher got angry, he hate when someone else judging his God as bad.


I am sleepy. You have to continue the story by yourself.