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Go for quantity first

April 16, 2009

Please forgive me for the content of this blog. Honestly, i go after the quantity. Not quality. I’m commited to write one article each day. Even in my busiest day. But i have not enough time to check and recheck. I write this article at evening, set it as scheduled post to automatically published at 6 in the next morning. Then i go straight to bed. Feeling ‘done’. Like when you were a child, you do your prayer as ‘obligation’, every time you done, you feel that ‘done feeling’. Understand what i mean?

Why i go for quantity?

This writing skill is very new for me. Imagine the new “channel of creativity” is still clogged. I need to flush it again and again with ample of “water” to make it clean, until it big enough for the stream to flow. This crazy drill of writing is the ‘water’ which will flush any clog.

Maybe after few more days, after about 21 day *hehe* it will enough, and i will start to pay attention to the quality.


Did you believe what i wrote?

Well, actually you could believe anything you want. ANYTHING! Even if it only an apology of a lazy writer 😛

Thats it. I done my ritual for today. In no more than 20 minutes. Great.

Thank You. If you are reading this, i feel sorry for you, i wish you get some insight, on how silly a learning process could be.

Thank You (again).