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Appears Instantly, Moderated Later

April 13, 2009

You know, by default, wordpress will hold every comment and ask you to moderate it. It will appears only after you release it. WordPress then remembers the comment-author’s email, so next time he or she write another comment, it will appear without asking you for moderation.

Somehow, this is similar with my way of thinking, how i respond to ideas, or to other’s opinion.

When someone new tells me his/her opinion, i judge it while i listen. If i like it, he/she got some positive reputation, plus my trust. Better reputation means bigger chance for his/her next opinion to bypass any criticism and logic filter, thus get my acceptance.

I don’t like it. I want every layer of criticism applied for every opinion entering my brain. Whether it said by someone new or by old trusted friend who have great reputation.

“Err, Nux, how that related with wordpress comment system? Is that means that you want to moderate every comment?”

Hell no. I love free speech. I love to give everyone rights to say anything they want. Every comment will be published without delay from moderation. But still, Akismet which behavior i cant control, might catch any spammy words, IPs, or emails.

“But how about bad stuff? Really bad stuff that incite ill feel?”

Worry not, because i, gave myself the rights to delete anything i want 🙂 So, after a while, the really bad comment (if there is any) will eventually get their place in the Akismet’s belly.

This is how to make yourself more vulnerable to freedom of speech:
Go to your dashboard > Setting > Discussion > Clear all the check boxes in the “Before a comment appears”.